The Battle of Shallows

The Battle of Shallows occurred in 1370 DR between a huge force of orcs and frost giants and the human and dwarf defenders, in Shallows, a small settlement in the Spine of the World.


Orcs and giants

The orcs were around a thousand in number, and they were accompanied by ten frost giants.

Humans and dwarves

King Bruenor Battlehammer and the Companions of the Hall were in Shallows at the time of the attack, and were able to aid in defending. This made a total of a hundred humans and twenty-six dwarves. The more notable amongst these were:

  • Bruenor Battlehammer
  • Catti-brie
  • Wulfgar
  • Regis (who later left to get help)
  • Dagnabbit
  • Drizzt Do’Urden (acting as a diversion away from the main battle)
  • Withegroo Seian’Doo


The first wave was successfully repelled, although Regis was injured. The second wave was also repelled, but the walls and gates of Shallows took heavy damage, and many were injured. Bruenor was seriously hurt during this wave. The frost giants eventually began hurling firepots and most of the town was burned to the ground. Withegroo’s tower was razed, and during the third wave, Withegroo himself died after casting one final fireball.

The turning point of the battle came when the Gutbusters arrived with Pikel and Ivan Bouldershoulder and a number of other dwarves. They arrived in a wooden statue of the orc deity Gruumsh, causing the orcs to bow before it, and then burst out and attacked. This caused the orcs to be routed and flee.


The orcs took heavy but not unsustainable losses. There were less than twenty walking survivors amongst the humans and dwarves, and only ten surviving wounded.

The Battle of Shallows

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