Mithral Hall

Mithral Hall is the fabled ancestral home of Bruenor Battlehammer, along with Clan Battlehammer. The prosperous dwarven mine has tunnels that are often lined with natural veins of mithral as thick as an arm. The hall has an eastern gate of iron which opens out onto the River Surbrin.

Mithral Hall has tunnels in the Upperdark that connect it to Citadel Felbarr.

Tunnels also connect to Citadel Adbar.

After the hall was reclaimed from duergar and a shadow dragon, Shimmergloom, the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer moved from Icewind Dale back to their ancestral home with dwarves from other strongholds immigrating there as well. Bruenor later became the eighth and tenth king, after his ancestor, Gandalug, first and ninth king, was recrowned and subsequently died.

Mithral Hall is famed for repelling an invasion force of 20,000 drow from Menzoberranzan, led by Matron Baenre herself, for conquest of the surface. Deep below Mithral Hall, the drow invasion managed to penetrate the Underdark tunnel system in the dwarven kingdom, but not the actual interior. Fighting not only occurred here, but above the surface – eventually catching the attention of Silverymoon and even longaway Longsaddle. The invasion ended completely, however, when the Companions of the Hall met Matron Baenre and her formidable entourage. It was King Bruenor himself, beside himself with grief at the loss of his adopted son, Wulfgar, who drove his axe into Matron Baenre, killing her and sending the departing dark elves back to Menzoberranzan leaderless.

Later, when King Obould Many-Arrows led his massive invasion force, they pushed the dwarves back from Keeper’s Dale into the very interior of Mithral Hall. The orc king’s forces ultimately managed to seal the doors of Mithral Hall shut and completely end any easy retaliation by the dwarves.

Mithral Hall

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