The following are the rules specific to this campaign. If you have questions, please ask.

Character Creation

  • All characters must be rolled using the Character Creation Rules. NO exceptions.
  • LA +1 is allowed for creation without penalty. This means if you have a level adjustment from your race, you automatically buy it off.
  • Everyone is required to take some kind of Profession skill (I will even give you one skill point to go towards it! Just put a “1” in the green box to the left of your normal rank input.)
    - This represents what you did in life before becoming an adventurer and should reflect a little of your choice in character class.
    - Examples: Blacksmith, Herbalist, Farmer, Scribe, etc.
  • Everyone gets Improved Weapon Familiarity feat (you can find it under Races of Stone on the Feats tab). Just input a “1” in the Bonus Feats box so it doesn’t count against the number of your allowed feats.
    – This feat allows all racial weapons to be martial weapons
    – A Dwarven fighter unable to use a Dwarven waraxe? Ridiculous!
  • All new characters begin at the party’s average level -1, base 5.
    - This means that even if you die at level ten and the party average is level eight, you will make your new character at level seven.
    - This is incentive to stay alive and work together!
    – This does not apply toward NPCs, cohorts or the like. Only PC party members.
  • Characters with an Intelligence of 8 or less are considered “illiterate” and cannot read or write and may not use scrolls. This means anyone, not just barbarians, can be illiterate.
    - You are required to take the Trait: “Illiterate.” Use the same rules as the Barbarian class to become literate.


  • I would like for someone to be the session scribe for each game. This person may change from session to session, but having an Adventure Log is something I think is important to utilizing this resource (OP).
    - Of course, if you feel up to it, you may write a log for your individual character. The purpose of running this game is to create a dynamic world of fantasy of which you are all a part. Think of this as YOUR story; I just provide the setting and plot.
  • I am implementing an encounter check system. When I ask for an encounter check, a member of the party will make an opposed 1d20 roll (individually or for the party) and give me that number. The difference between the GM and player roll will determine the effects of the situation.
    - Having a small difference will result in little to no effect, but a large difference will have consequences.
    - The consequences are not necessarily always bad.
  • The potential of mass combat is there. Take skills (knowledges/professions/etc) to accommodate. Or don’t, whatever.
    - Examples: Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering/Tactics/Warfare/Strategy/etc), Profession (Soldier/Mercenary/Tactician/etc), etcetera.
  • Along those same lines, really think about establishing your own stronghold as it may come in handy.
    - I have access to the Stronghold Builder’s Guide, so if you do decide you want to build one I can get that to you.
  • If a player takes too long deciding what to do on his/her turn, he/she will forfeit the turn and be left open to AoOs that round. There will be some leniency to start with.
  • If you do not have something listed on your character sheet, you do not have it.
    - i.e.: No pulling a ten foot pole out of your ass since you forgot to buy it back in town.
  • Characters reduced to negative their Constitution score or less hit points (rather than -10) are dead.
  • Massive damage rules will be in effect.
    - Each character’s Massive Damage Threshold will be different. It is calculated by the following formula: [Constitution score + (5*HD)]
    – For example: A fifth level fighter with a Constitution score of 16 will have a threshold of 41. So if 41 damage is dealt with a single blow, that character needs to make a save against massive damage.
    - For every 10 points of damage dealt by an attack in excess of a character’s massive damage threshold, increase the save DC by 2 with a base DC of 15.
    – For example: If that same fighter is dealt 41-50 points of damage, the save would be DC15. If he/she is dealt 51-60 points of damage, the save would be DC17.
    - If you do not make your save, a d10 will be rolled to determine how far below zero your hit points are reduced.
  • ALL final decisions are GM’s choice, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be fair and open to discussion.


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