Era of Upheaval

1358 DR

  • Time of Troubles Ao forces the gods of Toril from their divine realms to seek the stolen Tablets of Fate. Much destruction is sown and many previously all-powerful deities are killed, including the entire Untheric pantheon

1359 DR–1360 DR

  • The Tuigan Horde Yamun Kahan launches a massive invasion of Shou Lung and Faerûn. He swiftly conquers Semphar and Khazari but is turned back in Kara-Tur. Turning west, the vast horde of skilled horsemen attack Thay and Rashemen before sweeping along the Golden Way. The horde seemed unstoppable until Yamun was slain in battle with Azoun IV.
  • Bloodstone Wars The nations of Damara and Vaasa are freed from the oppressive rule of the Witch King Zhengyi.

1361 DR

  • Discovery of the New World The continent of Maztica is discovered and colonized by Faerûnian explorers. Massive amounts of exotic goods and precious materials are exported back to Faerûn.

1362 DR

  • A massive demonic and monstrous army attacks the Sword Coast but is defeated by an alliance of humans, elves and dwarves.

1367 DR–1368 DR

  • The Cyrinishad Debacle The god Cyric tries to obtain more worshipers and settle some grudges but only succeeds in losing the portfolio of death and destroying the strongest bastion of his own faith.

1369 DR

  • Twelfth Serôs War The seas of Faerûn erupt in chaos when Iakhovas attacks several coastal cities and destroys a large portion of the Sharksbane Wall, allowing sahuagin to swarm into the western part of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

1371 DR–1373 DR

  • Formation of Luruar Facing the threat of an emerging orc kingdom and out-of-control giants, the loosely allied settlements of the Silver Marches form themselves into a confederate nation, creating a bastion of civilization in the otherwise savage northlands.

Era of Upheaval

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