Character Creation Rules

I’m going to have you guys use HeroForge for character creation. It’s super easy to use once you figure it out, so don’t worry.
Goto: This Link and download the latest version of Heroforge, and if you plan on using magic you’ll need SpellForge as well. Both will do much of the work for you, you just need to input simple numbers and point-and-click things for the most part.
Remember that when using Hero/SpellForge, you will need to turn on Macros. A pop-up under the toolbar of Excel should come up, just follow the prompt to ENABLE MACROS — This is VERY important because if you don’t, the ’Forge will not work!

House rules::

  • Everyone gets Improved Weapon Familiarity feat (you can find it under Races of Stone on the Feats tab). Just input a “1” in the Additional Feats box so it doesn’t count against the number of your allowed feats.
    – This feat allows all racial weapons to be martial weapons.
    – A dwarven fighter unable to use a dwarven urgrosh? Ridiculous!
  • All new characters begin at the party average -1. This means that even if you die at level ten and the party average is at level eight, you will make your new character at level seven.
    – This does not apply toward NPCs, cohorts or the like. Only PC party members.
  • Characters with an Int of 8 or less are considered “illiterate” and cannot read or write and may not use scrolls. This means anyone, not just barbarians, can be illiterate. You are required to take the Trait: “Illiterate.”

Here are the specs for Character Creation for HeroForge
Character Creation.

  • Heroforge, Options Tab.
    – Under “Source Section and Sheet Reset Options” Section (white box, grey buttons, right hand side), click “Make All Non-Setting Sources Available” button.
    – Under “Campaign Select” Section (green box), select “Forgotten Realms”
    – Under “Unearthed Arcana” Section (purple box, top of screen), check the “Traits” and “Flaws” buttons. These are optional. You may take as many traits as you want, but only 2 flaws.
    NOTE Choosing flaws will allow you to have extra feats, 1 per flaw, total of 2.
    – Check the rest of the boxes under the settings sources EXCEPT “Dragonlance Campaign Setting” (big blue box, left-hand side AND the pink box at the bottom).
  • Go to the Race and Stats tab.
    – 34 point buy. This means that as you raise your stat scores (green boxes with “8” in them), the program will total your point buy just beneath the scores. Go until you hit 34.
    – No adjusted base ability score can be more than 18 or less than 8, plus the program just won’t allow it.
    – Under the race drop-down list, choose any HUMANOID race. NOTE Some races will be more powerful than others (aasimar, chaond etc…) and will have a level adjustment (LA). If you have LA, you may buy it off by entering a “1” in the green box below “Level Adjust Buy off.” You should have an effective character level (ECL) of 5 after your class levels have been chosen.
    – No LA above +1.
    – NO templates. Even if the LA of the template is +1.
    – Be mindful of the type of race your character is. Obviously, you don’t want to have a character that only operates in water or can only survive in a vacuum. You will have to interact with the rest of the group.
    – All other cosmetic choices (gender, region, alignment, deity) are all up to you.
    NOTE Some feats rely on where you are from in the Forgotten Realms world. These feats can only be taken at creation.
  • Under the Class tab, choose your class(es). Be mindful of the classes others are taking. Remember, you will come to rely on your team mates heavily in the coming battles. I recommend something that will be easier to get along with the rest of the party.
    – You may take any mix of classes you like; however…
    – Your level 1 class will be your default “favoured class” regardless of your race. This means that any class level two or more levels away from your favoured class will incur an XP penalty.
    – For example: Ranger, Fighter, Ranger, Cleric incurs no penalties. But Ranger, Fighter Cleric, Ranger will because the level in Cleric is two class levels away from your favoured class (Ranger).
    – Under the “Rolls” column, you have to input your HP rolled at every level; however, forget about rolling, just input the maximum – you’ll need them.
    – There are a bunch of coloured boxes on the right side of this page. Glance through them to see if any apply to you.
    – Things here include Wizard Specialization, Ranger’s Favoured Enemies, Monk Bonus feats, etc.
  • Under the Skills tab: Green boxes are your class skills, blue are cross-class (cost 2 points for 1 rank) and the grey ones are unavailable to you. Just fill them in as you see fit.
    - Everyone is required to take some kind of Profession skill (I will even give you one skill point to go towards it! Just put a “1” in the column labeled “Magic” and check the “Always In-Class” box.)
    - This represents what you did in life before becoming an adventurer and should reflect a little of your choice in character class.
  • The following tabs are pretty straight forward….
    – Starting gold is always (Character Level + 1) x (Character Level x 100).
    – For example: If your starting level is 5… ((5 + 1) x (5 × 100)) = (6 × 500) = 3,000 gp.
    – For any equipment you buy, it is pretty self-explanatory on where it goes. Armor/shield under “Armor,” Weapons under “Attack,” etc. If you buy any magical equipment other than weapons or armor, go to the “Enhancements” tab and click the “Show/Hide Magic Equipment” button and select the appropriate item(s) from the drop-down list(s) on that tab.
  • Buy your armor.
    – If you have magical armor with some kind of enhancement, HF only automates the bonus toward your AC. So if you have a +1 Ghost Ward Full-Plate, the fact that the armor bonus applies to your Touch AC must be remembered!
    – If you’re feeling really comfortable with the program, manually overriding some options is available; however, I don’t recommend it.
  • Buy your weapon(s).
    – Same thing goes for weapons. A +1 Flaming Longsword is only going to be automated as a +1 Longsword. The extra 1d6 fire damage must be remembered or overridden manually.
  • Buy your gear.
    – This you will have to manually type in on your Character Sheet II tab in the space provided.
    NOTE What is on your character sheet is what you have. If it is not on your sheet, you don’t have it.
    – Forgot to write in your Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds? Sorry, guess you need to ask the Cleric.
    – Forgot to buy your +1 Flaming Longsword? Well, how good are you with your fists?
    – Forgot to buy a Winter Blanket and are camping out on the tundra? Good luck making those Fort saves.
  • If playing a spellcaster, just transfer your stats to “Spellforge” and choose your applicable domains, feats and spells. Then on your spellsheet, select your caster class in the top left corner and hit the “Re-run” button. Spellforge should compile all the information for you.
  • I highly recommend you having a back-up character prepared. Though it is not required, I would like to see every new character to be a polar opposite than your previous.
    – For example: If your fighter/monk bit the dust and isn’t being resurrected by the party, I’d like for your next character to be something other than an in-your-face melee combatant. Perhaps a spellcaster or a skillmonkey or a support type?

Character Creation Rules

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