Beldabar's Rest

This is perhaps the most unusual human built inn of the North. It’s located underground, beneath Yartar’s central market. It was created by linking together the cellars of old warehouses.

The first part of Beldabar’s is the gatehouse. The building is lit by a lamp holding seven thick candles leading down into the inn’s circular common room. Beside the gatehouse is a rollup gate, and behind that is an earthen ramp leading down to the inn’s stables. The common room is 120’ or more in diameter. The room is home to the innkeeper’s desk, a bar, and dining tables and chairs. From this room, passages radiate out like the spokes of a wheel. One hallway leads to the vast, low, warehouse that’s now the heavily guarded stables. Other passages lead into areas converted into damp sleeping rooms. The whole area is lit by pale drift globes.

Beldabar is a burly, handsome ex-adventurer. He cultivates a dangerous atmosphere, and the curious guest may hear the occasional clash of steel, the crack of a lash, or a scream of pain from behind closed doors.

Much drinking, gambling, and bartering goes on here. To keep brawls and bloodshed to a minimum, the common room of the Rest is open only to guests. Patrons can be expelled from Beldabar’s for creating any fire, molesting the staff, practicing slavery or theft, or drawing steel (except in self defense). Not surprisingly, the staff includes many former adventurers who can handle most trouble (usually including one F10, a T8, a W9, and a P7 of Lathander, Selûne, Sune, or Tempus). Beldabar keeps many cats, who prowl about hunting rats.

Adventurers and frontier folk love the atmosphere of the Rest, so the place is busy. It’s cool in summer and easy to heat in winter. Every room has a bar to prop the door closed, but every room has two secret entrances known only to the staff.

The Rest has a smuggler’s door opening onto a cavern dock on one bank of the river. There are hidden entries and exits connecting to locales around Yartar. Notably, there are tunnels to Shadowskulk alley and Kissing Court at the east end of town. There are rumors of secret doors leading to deeper halls; one may lead to an ancient, abandoned, dwarven citadel linked to the Underdark. This may be used by drow who trade in slaves. There are traps waiting around the Rest for the nosy; and, from time to time, skeletons or impaled corpses are found in passages. There are legends about a wererat colony and an illithilich (undead mind flayer) lurking under Yartar, preying on those who venture away from the safety of the central Rest.

Beldabar's Rest

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