Contest of Wills

Adventure 02 pt.05

Dylan 33915
Tony 22340
Pops 21990
Jake 34469
Steve 30956
COHORT 1 15720
COHORT 2 15720

Coins 2400 gp

Alexandrite (400 gp) Black Pearl (200 gp) Bloodstone (60 gp) Bloodstone (70 gp) Chalcedony (30 gp) Eye Agate (12 gp) Golden Yellow Topaz (700 gp) Rhodochrosite (9 gp) Rhodochrosite (15 gp) Star Rose Quartz (20 gp) Tourmaline (120 gp)

Total value = 1636 gp
Magic Items

Wand of Magic Missile (1st) (15 of 50 charges) (225 gp)

Total value = 225 gp
Total value 4261 gp

Adventure 02 pt.04

Dylan 32575
Justin DEAD
Jake 33529
Steve 30066

Adventure 02 pt.03

Dylan 28875
Justin 22129
Jake 30079
Steve 25866

Aquamarine (200 gp) Aquamarine (400 gp) Black Pearl (500 gp) Chalcedony (50 gp) Citrine (70 gp) Turquoise (10 gp)

Total value = 1230 gp
Total value 1230 gp

Iron Crown
Royal Outfit
Runestaff of the Undying (MIC182)
Nycoptic Manuscripts (LM79)

Scrolls of::

  • Inflict Serious Wounds
  • Invisibility
  • Meld into Stone
  • Sculpt Sound
  • Warp Wood
Carnelian (70 gp) Violet Garnet (300 gp)

Total value = 370 gp
Total value 370 gp

Adventure 02 pt.02

Nothing of note for loot or experience.

Adventure 02 pt.01

Upon the party’s return to Beldabar’s Rest, they are informed that an entire wing has been reserved for them. Apparently, Malarn has paid up through two months in advance for the rooms — very kind for such a menacing character. However, they have been requested to stay put until further notice on completion of their task. This, the adventurers were certain, was not so politely phrased by their patron.

The group enjoys a night of freedom yet with the foul taste of defeat in their mouths as the trail of the Iron Orb had turned cold. As the group sullenly appreciates the private common room provided them, the door swings open and a familiar figure strides in. The closes behind him and, as what seems to be tradition, two heavily armed swordsmen take their places on either side of the door in the hallway.

“Good Evening.” Malarn says unwelcomingly. “I assume since you are here, you have been successful in your task…” he pauses for a reply, his cold gaze scanning the room.

“The Master requires your assistance in another matter of great import.” A sly smirk crosses his pale lips. “You may, again, choose not to accept and leave at this point…” he gestures to the door. After a moment of calculated hesitation, the none in the group decide to take that chance.

“As I thought. Your next task requires you to travel to Waterdeep and find a ship that will take you to Murann. Once there, you will infiltrate the city and meet with a man named Lanos Tzak at the Wet Wolverine. He has information on the whereabouts of your next item.”
“It is an iron crown, crudely forged to resemble flames. Once found, you must escape the city and make your way through the Small Teeth to Imnescar where you will meet with our Allies. Further instruction waits you there.”

“Your travel costs will be covered — there are two crates outside.”

Total Experience by player::

Dylan 26935

Justin 20149

Pops 25559

COHORT 13345

Jake 28479

Steve 24076

XP by Level::

6 15000
7 21000
8 28000
9 36000

The River Princes: Onyx's Story Chapter 3-4
Dungeons... AND DRAGONS!

Chapter 3: Dungeon Delving Disaster

As we awoke from our uncomfortable slumber in the well-worn bunks of the orcs, we decided to clear the floor of any remaining orcs. I was able to located a large orc with two strange wolf-beasts, as well as a few lesser orcs that were still stationed on the top floor of the fort. It took us a little while, but inevitably we were able to vanquish our foes and gather what little useful loot they dropped for us.

With the floor cleared, we searched for a way deeper into the fort: my brother starting a fire against some barrels while I searched unsuccessfully for a new path in the natural chimney of the fort. After some time, we were finally able to locate a secret door in the rock, and so we made our way down the small dwarven tunnel. The dwarf led us into the next room, where he was quickly attacked by a large skeletal monstrosity.

The beast had extendable claws that it used to its advantage to try and limit our advance to get within attacking range, but the dwarf’s armor was too strong for the abomination to halt him. It was a nasty foe, but even the undead was no match for our might. I could sense a couple large beasts beyond the door that stood in front of us, but after such a horrifying battle, we were ready for anything.

I opened the door, allowing my brother to rush into the large room and eliminate one of the large monsters with a flourish of his scimitars, leaving only one left to dispatch. It went down almost as quickly as its ally, and so we found ourselves with two ways to go: through a door at the end of the room, our down the stairs into the darkness. My cousin checked the door for traps before opening it, but apparently he was not skilled enough to find the fire trap behind the door. He took some burns, and we found that the room was empty. How rude of them to leave a trapped room with no spoils.

Walking down the stairs, we found ourselves in a pitch black cavern with a shallow creek running through it. Seeing that the creek went into the wall, I decided to follow it and see if I could find any long lost treasure. Luckily for me, there was a small cave hidden up the waterway, where I found a skeleton with some gold and a rod of light. Not too much, but enough to make getting wet worth it.

I met back up with the group as they crossed the creek once more, and I could sense a number of intelligent beings, as well as a feral beast, further into the cave. I made my way over to them on the ceiling, casting the rod of light a couple of times to light up the area, which initiated combat for the rest of my non-invisible party members. As soon as I saw the large cave bear locked away, I had the idea to let it out and see if it would attack the strange, scythe wielding beings battling my companions.

Unfortunately for my brother, he rushed into the fray without consulting me, and missed his attacks. I didn’t fear for his life until I saw one of them nearly cleave him in twine with their scythe, killing him and sending his lifeless body toppling to the ground. That bastard was my target, but he would feel my rage through the bear that they had seemingly been torturing for Gods know how long.

As the rest of the party found for their lives, I worked on opening the cage, and when the beast was finally freed, it rushed at its would-be torturers. With the combined forces of my comrades, my ability to make them hurt themselves, and the giant bear at their back, we were able to kill the four fey warriors. They even did us the favor of killing the cave bear so that we didn’t have to. I took the tooth of the one that killed my brother and placed it in my belt pouch, and then slid my dead brother into my bag of holding so he’d be easier to carry back to the barbarian camp.

Whether or not the group wanted to continue, I was bringing my brother back to life. They decided to follow me back to the camp, where some of them went about doing their own thing, and the rest followed me to the temple. We bartered with the priests in order to bring my brother back from the dead, but they weren’t as easy to buy off as the last time. I was going to trick them, because they wanted my blood for some sort of ritual, which wasn’t going to happen, but the team ended up giving them our odds and ends equipment to seal the deal.

Chapter 4: Enter the Dragon

After bringing Obsidian back to life,we made our way back into the caverns of the dwarven fortress. I had my cousin swim down the watery cavern to see if he could find anything of use to us, but when he returned all that he had to say about what he found was that we’d talk about it later. He didn’t say it was nothing, and so I expect to hear what he found sooner rather than later.

With the extracurricular exploring done with, we made our way down toward a faint glow that was further in the caverns. It led us into what appeared to be a dwarven burial chamber, to which most of the coffins were already open and empty. Upon further inspection with my all seeing eyes, I found that there was actually a lifeforce within one of the coffins, but that could wait. The mushrooms below seemed interesting enough, and after asking my cousin to figure out what they were, we realized that they were an unnamed shroom that could be used to make a potent moonshine.

I made my way down and cut up around 40 pounds of what I named “River Caps” before climbing the wall back up to the coffins and telling the dwarf that one of his brethren was at least sentient, and trapped inside a stone grave. I spoke to the dirt eater, but he seemed to be as happy to converse with me as most dwarves, so I asked Tasuf to help me translate things to him in dwarven. I hid my true accent in his mind, and pretended to be a dwarf, which seemed to calm him, but it wasn’t long before our new cleric told use it would not be in our best interest to release the sealed dwarf.

I could have cared less if he was evil or may have gone crazy and tried to kill us if we released him; I just wanted to see if there was any sort of treasure waiting to be plundered in his tomb. But alas, we decided to leave him be and continue on our way. I continued on my safe path above the rest of the party, while they took the side route down the way. The dwarf and catman slipped on the slick walkway, while my brother, cousin, and the cleric walked to the side to avoid the trap.

A short battle ensued with some large winged beasts, one grabbing my brother, but we were able to eliminate them with ease. An illusory mushroom kept our attention until the dwarf finally realized that it was an illusion. With that out of the way, we found ourselves in a dwarven stronghold filled with Duergar, and our warlock and dwarf did some negotiations. I found that there were many more hidden within the walls, ready to ambush us if need be, and so we let them lead us to where we wanted to go and avoided an unnecessary battle.

Instead of going down the secret door right away, we opened the door next to it and found a supposedly captured young maiden. The warlock talked to her while I grabbed a bunch of the dwarven tomes for learning their language over my travels. I had a bad feeling about the woman, but I didn’t really care about her at the moment. When she thanked us for releasing her and vanished without a trace, I figured that the warlock had done something bad, but that was his problem.

Down the secret path, we found a ladder leading deep underground to a cavern with stone bridges and a river that had its water flowing into an underground lake. Walking around the winding paths, I sensed a large monster within the waters of the lake. Shooting a light orb down into the water, I could see its silhouette, and warned the rest of the part of its location. When it surfaced, we came to see that it was none other than a black dragon, and it spewed acidic breath over all of the party except for myself and the catman.

The beast quickly grabbed my cousin in his jowls and dragged him into the water. I believed him to be a goner until the cleric cast a spell on the dragon to make him loosen his bite. With Shale safe and sound away from the dragon, the rest of the party went on an all out offensive to take it down. Some blood was shed on both sides, but in the end we slew the dragon. I removed some of its scales, as well as its eyes, and then made my way over to the mound of treasure on the island across the way.

Being the first one there, I searched the loot for anything that I deemed valuable, scooping plenty of gold into my bag of holding, and along with it the Iron Ball that we had been ordered to retrieve. I, of course, didn’t let the rest of the party know that we had finished our mission, and instead let them take what they wanted from the rest of the loot and lament the fact that we “failed our mission”.

With Iron Ball in sack, we made our way back to town and went about our business. There wasn’t much time until we were back at the inn, where we were informed that our rooms had been comped for two months, which was nice of the shady bastard Malarn, but I knew he wouldn’t be happy with the supposed fact that we didn’t find what he was looking for. The rest of the party could think that we failed, but I would get a private meeting with our employer to get a just reward.

Onyx’s Loot (Debatable)

Levitate Potion
Fly Potion
Cloak of Resistance +5
Glove of Storing
+3 Flaming Longsword

Adventure 01 pt.05

L6 2880XP
L7 2216XP

5850 GP

Cure Moderate Wounds (potion) x4
Shield of Faith +4 (potion)
Enlarge Person (potion)
Barkskin +3 (potion) x2
Heroism (oil) x2
Levitate (potion)
Fly (potion)

Tome of Understanding +1Used by Loki’s Cohort
Staff of Fire (44chrgs)

Ring of Energy Resistance (cold)
Ring of Improved Climbing
Ring of Force Shield
Ring of Protection +3
Ring of Wizardry (I)
Ring of Evasion
Amulet of Natural Armor +3

Bracers of Armor +5
Cloak of Resistance +5
Glove of Storing
Mask of the Skull

Pale Lavender Ellipsoid Ioun Stone (Absorbs 20 SL up to 4th)
Pearly White Spindle Ioun Stone (Regen 1HP/10min)

+3 Flaming Longsword

Adventure 01 pt.04

L6 2700

4200 gp

Ring of Protection +2
Immovable Rod
Ring of Swimming, Improved
Cloak of Displacement, Minor
Cure Serious Wounds (potion)
Undetectable Alignment (potion)
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (32 charges)
Cloak of Charisma +2
Incandescent Blue Sphere Ioun Stone

Dwarven Fortress Part 2

We awoke from our rest and got ready for the battle. When we exited the room, Onyx mentioned that the large enemy went to the room down the hall. So we decided to search the room he was in the night before. We walked in and i found a map on the table with what looked like battle plans, while Obsidian ran for the throne-like chair and sat down. When Onyx got into the room he examined the collars on the chains on the floor and determined they were magical, so he took them. Since there was nothing left in the room we started walking towards the far room. The dwarf walked to the door “sneakily” and when he got to the door Onyx went to the door and opened it from the ceiling. Before they were able to open the door, a giant ogre burst through the door and charged the dwarf. It was a long battle but was somewhat simple, as our group stayed to their strengths and took the group of enemies down. We found nothing of use the the room they were in, so i decided that we must’ve missed a door somewhere. SO me and the dwarf started searching and found a hidden door…

Shale loot: Minor cloak of displacement, Ring of swimming, Immovable Rod (debateable)

Dwarven Fortress Part 1

We made our way out of the Barbarian village and headed towards the old dwarven fortress that was inhabited by orcs and many other matter of creatures. We started our climb up to the front door of the fortress and stopped when we heard two orcs talking. Onyx used his mental mind melt to convince one of the orcs that his brethren were going to betray him, so he started fighting with us. We killed the other orc next to him and made our way to the front door, while being shot at by orc archers. Onyx disappeared, as he always does, so we fought our way into the fortress. We entered a room with a giant pit and a place where there was once a bridge. I used my crossbow to shoot at the archers across the pit, as the others used their various ranged abilities to attack as well. While we were attacking two doors opened up on our side. One had an orc in it, while the other housed my cousin Onyx. We killed all the orcs in the room and made our way across the pit with the help of our clerics’ invisible bridge. We all got across and found ourselves standing in front of a large stone door. We opened it to find out that the fortress opened up into a cavern of sorts. We explored the cavern and killed some more orcs. Onyx mentioned that there were a few orcs in various rooms, while there was also a larger creature in one room with two other non-humanoid enemies in there with him. We decided to rest in the room adjacent to regain our strength, but while we were heading in, we noticed a statue of a giant dwarf. He had eyes made out of gems, which Obsidian grabbed immediately, and a battleaxe. The dwarf took the axe with much enthusiasm. Must be a dwarf thing. We finally got into the room and realised that we needed to barricade the door somehow, so Obsidian sook out his blade and jammed the lock. We rested and gained out strength, for what was sure to be a difficult battle ahead.


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