A cousin of the infamous River Princes. I have not seen my cousins for many years, but was sent on a mission to find them and take them back to our homeland. Me and my cousins were inseperable when we were younger, so when they decided to leave i knew i needed to go out and find my own destiny.

SO i left home and used my hunting skills to find work in many areas around Faerun. One job i was hired to do was searching a forest for a mans daughter who went missing the week before. I found her in a bandit camp in the middle of the forest and retrieved her and slew the bandits. When i returned the father i found out quickly that i could make alot more money and gain more fame for being a scout for hire. I trained my mind and body for many years and continued to hone my skills.

I was contacted by my home country for a mission of utmost importance. I was to find my long lost cousins and bring them home. I wasn’t told the reason i needed to find them, nor was i about to ask. I recieved what information i could from my contact and set out on my search. My search was slow at first and it almost looked like they didnt want to be found because there were no leads. It wasnt long after that, that i started hearing rumors of a couple traveling merchants who were making a name for themselves. They would apparently sell random objects and say they were rare objects. That reminded me of my cousins from when we were young. So i set out in search of these mysterious merchants.

I found them in a town peddling rocks to a few nobles. After they were done with their business, i walked up to them and it was like we were never apart. I told them of my mission and the urgency of them going home. They told me they werent going home, and who am i to force them? I decided that i missed my cousins and we started traveling together again. We’ve been together for two years which is when we got our current mission.


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