The Lord of Knowledge


Oghma (pronounced OGG-mah), also known as The Lord of Knowledge, is the neutral greater power of bards, inspiration, invention, and knowledge in Faerûn. Oghma is the leader of the Deities of Knowledge and Invention and his homeplane is the House of Knowledge. His symbol is a blank scroll.


Those who worship Oghma include artists, bards, cartographers, inventors, loremasters, sages, scholars, scribes and wizards—archivists, a generalist cleric prestige class, might pray to him as well. They can be of any alignment, unlike most neutral gods. They often wear Oghma’s symbol, a silver scroll on a chain, as a necklace.


  • Companions of the Silver String
    The Companions of the Silver String are heroic bards who acted valiantly at risk of their own lives in the service of the church of Oghma.


Oghma’s most common foes are Mask, Cyric, and Bane. Oghma’s old archnemesis, Leira, is now dead and an aspect of Cyric. He may be opposed to Ilsensine.

Deities of Knowledge and Invention

Along with Milil, Deneir, and Gond, Oghma was one of the Deities of Knowledge and Invention. He led the deific group and although Deneir was lost, Oghma continued to lead them.


Oghma was an interloper deity who gained power in Toril’s crystal sphere when a wave of planar immigrants settled in Faerûn, bringing their gods (of whom Oghma was but one) with them. He rose in power to the point where he became the leader of the Deities of Knowledge and Invention and has remained in that position ever since.

Shortly after ascending to divinity, Oghma fathered many demi-power children. A few of the children decided to specialize in a single subject and learn everything they could about it. At some point Cyric lured twenty-two of the children away from Oghma and transformed them into paintings known as the Whispering Children.

During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, the Grand Patriarch of Oghma Cullen Kordamant disappeared without a trace, and reports on his current whereabouts from Oghma were confused and conflicting. As a consequence, a schism formed in the faith. The main branch, the Orthodox Church of Oghma in Procampur, believed that Kordamant had ascended to the House of Knowledge to serve as Oghma’s proxy, and he remained the only true Grand Patriarch of the church until Oghma named a successor. A rival group, the Church of Oghma in Sembia, went ahead and named a new Grand Patriarch anyway, which the Orthodox Church refused to accept. The church in Sembia also disagreed with the Orthodox Church on the dissemination of knowledge, teaching that knowledge must be tested and proven “worthy” before being released to the public10. Later the Church of Oghma moved its base to Cormyr, renaming itself the Oghmanyte Church in Exile. This schism continued unabated for over a century, a fundamental sickness in the faith, or more likely an assault on it from some external entity.


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