Obsidian River

River Prince and brother to Onyx River


One of the River Princes: Self-proclaimed nobility from a Land of Many Names. Obsidian and his brother Onyx have traveled across the lands of Faerûn since a very young age, having “voluntarily left their noble upbringing” to live their lives more freely.

Although his brother Onyx has taken to the musical art of instrumental play. Obsidian has perfected the art of dance, not only making him entertaining, but also deadly in hand to hand combat(Although this is not a well known fact). He also sings.

He and his brother Onyx have become wandering performers and salesmen by trade, earning what you could call notoriety and even a little bit of “fame” wherever they went. Their ability to smooth-talk and make deals Has thus far been rival to many of the best city merchants, if not beyond their skill because of the Brothers’ unique abilities.

Although the River Princes proclaim to be simple performers, many of their “deeds” are unknown by all, but those affected.
With his charming nature and innate ability to smooth talk and befriend all those he meets, there are even nobles who have fell “victim” to his charms. Those who don’t, tend to seamlessly disappear.

Recently, the River Princes’ cousin Shale, has caught up with them. He was originally sent to bring the two brothers back home, after being away from their family for nearly a century, but after only a couple days with them he decided to join them on their adventures instead.

The brothers have since taken a job from a man who doesn’t take no for an answer, but instead of heading off right away they decided to enjoy a little city life beforehand. They performed for the citizens, drank till the night was still, and then made their way off to find their new found “friends” and start their new “adventure”. The Iron Ball is the prize- err… “Item needed to finish the job at hand”, and the River Princes, along with their cousin Shale, will not stop until it was securely in their hands.

Obsidian River

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