Chaotic neutral. Black fur, green eyes. 4’6", 90lbs. 23 years old.


Ever since birth, Loki never cared much for anything besides himself and his closest friends. As a child, Loki was rather lazy and troublesome, and his parents never cared much for him as a result. Loki’s grandfather was a evil warlock who was killed in battle against forces of good. Loki’s father was also a warlock, but was trying to repent for his evil bloodline by offering his services for good. He hated his chaotic magicks and only used them when he absolutely had to. D Loki’s father wanted Loki to continue in his footsteps, training Loki how to control his powers at an early age. However, Loki soon grew bored of this, expressing no desire to be a pushover. Instead, he wanted to be more active in combat and take a more aggressive role in it. Naturally, when Loki expressed interest in becoming a full-fledged warlock, he did not approve. Disagreements between them led to Loki running away from home at the age of 11. He never returned to his birthplace again.

Having no money, no place to live, and no one to depend on. Loki was desperate. He soon began an apprenticeship with a warlock in a city far away from his village. This warlock, named Alazar, was a tough but fair master, and under his wing Loki turned into a powerful warlock. He ended his apprenticeship at the age of 18 and began to wander the countryside, taking odd jobs here and there for money, but never staying in one place too long. He is a true wanderer at heart, and he desires adventure. After a particularly exhausting mission, a strange man approaches him. He identifies himself as a fan of what Loki does, and presents to him a letter summoning him to meet with a man named Malarn. At the meeting, Loki is fascinated by the business opportunity handed to him: fame, loot AND glory? Of course he’s in! It’s not his business to ask for a motive. Malarn might be a shady character, but when he offers good pay and other rewards for his work, who cares? Besides, this isn’t the first time Loki’s been hired by a less-than-savory person, and he’s turned out fine, so why would this time be any different?

Personality wise, Loki prefers to keep to himself. He focuses almost entirely on imporiving his combat abilities, and as a result his social life suffered. He is often shunned or downright hated in villages and towns he comes across; his reputation precedes him. He is not unfriendly however; if someone starts a conversation with him, he will answer back in the appropriate manner. If you treat him fair, he will treat you fair in return. He is loyal to his friends (the few he has), and will not hesitate to defend them should the need arise. He likes showing off his warlock prowess anyway, so it’s just another opportunity to prove what he can do. He hates getting made fun of for his fur (he is proud of it), he hates being patronized for being a catfolk, and his absolute pet peeve is being underestimated in combat. He will be more than happy to prove you wrong.

Overall, Loki’s only desire is adventure. He has almost nothing to lose, and he acts like it in every aspect of his life. He doesn’t care if he lives or dies, as long as he has a good time along the way, it doesn’t matter. He has no desire to settle down and live a “normal” life. His ultimate desire is to become the strongest warlock that ever lived (as cliche as it sounds), and he is willing to pay almost any price to get there.


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