The Morning Lord


Lathander (pronounced lah-THAN-der), whose title is The Morninglord, is the neutral good aspect of Amaunator, worshiped in earlier days as a deity of creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality and youth. He favors those who dispel the undead and blesses those who plant new life. Lathander is also the god called upon to bless birth and fertility related ceremonies.


Novices in the Lathanderian faith are called the Awakened while clerics are known as Dawnbringers. The full priests take a new name in his service when they are ready to signify that Lathander has personally recognized and accepted them. This new name can either be used instead of their old name or simply used only when addressing other Dawnbringers and when in solitary prayer. Other titles include (in ascending order): Dawngreeter, Dawnlord, High Dawnlord and Dawnmaster while an elite cleric is referred to as a Morninglord. All followers are required to be of neutral to good alignment.

All of Lathander’s clergy respect art, liberty, nature and culture, promote betterment of oneself and strive to bring hope to their followers and others. Many of these followers work in various creative arts. They are intolerant of evil, especially undead and inaction that causes evil to prosper. Most ceremonies of Lathander are held at dawn and actions and contracts agreed to at sunrise are said to be blessed by him. Funerals, among his followers, are held at dusk, and followed by a wake that lasts until dawn.

Some followers of Lathander insist that he is in fact the reincarnation of Amaunator, the Netherese god of the sun. Others take this heresy further, claiming that he will take up the mantle of the lawful neutral Amaunator again, and that the transformation from deity of the morning to sun god is imminent.


  • Lathander’s Light
    In Dagger Falls, the temple of Lathander there has been burnt down by the Zhent during their occupation of Daggerdale.
  • Spires of the Morning
    A grand temple to Lathander in Waterdeep at the northern spur of Mount Waterdeep.
  • Morninglow Tower
    Largest temple in Daggerford. Shared the hill with the ducal castle and was directly supported by the duke.


  • Order of the Aster
    A small restricted order of paladins and fighters sponsored by the church of Lathander.
  • Order of the Sun Soul
    A monastic brotherhood with links to Sune and Selûne as well.

Favored sayings

“From death, life.” “There is always another dawn.” “In the dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer.” Relationships

Lathander and Chauntea had been romantically connected for centuries, and saw each other as kindred spirits. His allies included Gond, Tymora, Tyr, Torm, Ilmater, Sune, Selune, Oghma, Kelemvor, and Mielikki. His foes were Cyric, Talos, and Shar. Helm held a great deal of resentment for Lathander, as the latter indirectly caused the death of Helm’s lover, Murdane.


In 1345 DR, Lathander’s worshipers, along with those of Selûne, Shar and Tempus were involved in religious unrest, culminating in the Night of Temple Fires.*

Lathander was the central figure in the Dawn Cataclysm, an ill-fated attempt by the Morninglord to reshape the Faerunian pantheon in his own image. Several deities were killed in the events that followed, including the goddess Murdane, a death for which Helm never forgave Lathander. The Morninglord believed that his efforts went so wrong because of the interference of agents of Shar, and secretly began working on a second attempt at reforming the pantheon.


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