The Prince of Lies


Cyric (pronounced SEER-ick), whose titles include The Lord of Three Crowns, The Mad God, and The Prince of Lies and is called N’esr by the Bedine, is monomaniacal deity of strife and lies with an immense following, though ever since he murdered Mystra and caused the Spellplague, his faith has diminished somewhat. He is petty and self-centered, and enjoys misleading individuals of all inclinations so that they perform acts that ruin their lives or so that they make fatal mistakes. Cyric is closely associated with the essence of murder, conflict, lies, intrigue, and illusions. Cyric is recognized in Faerûn by his symbol, a white jawless skull on black or purple sunburst, and his alignment is chaotic evil. He is a greater power, who rules supreme in his divine realm, the Supreme Throne.

The Church of Cyric is hated all over Toril, and for good reason: Cyric’s church is pledged to spread strife and work murder everywhere in order to make folk believe in and fear the Dark Sun. It supports cruel rulers and indulges in intrigue in such a way that the world won’t be overrun by wars (thus falling under the sway of Tempus). His church is often beset by internal feuds and backstabbing, but this conflict has decreased in recent years as Cyric has gained better control of himself and has consolidated the churches of the deities whose portfolios he took over.

Cyric’s clerics, who often multiclass as rogues or assassins, pray for spells at night, after moonrise. Cyric’s church has few holy days and does not even celebrate the date of his ascension to divinity (this would also honor Mystra, called “the Harlot” by Cyricists). Whenever a temple acquires something, or someone, important enough to be sacrificed, its high priest declares a Day of the Dark Sun to signify the holiness of the event. Eclipses are considered holy, being accompanied by feasts, fervent prayers, and bloody sacrifices.

Cyric hates most of the other deities of Toril, but he particularly loathes Mystra, Kelemvor and Bane. Cyric has no divine allies, but he has made himself a wide variety of enemies. These include gods such as Mystra, Kelemvor, Oghma, Azuth, Mask, Tyr, Torm, Deneir, Leira, Iyachtu Xvim (deceased 1372 DR), Bane and many others.

Death to all who oppose Cyric. Bow down before his supreme power, and yield to him the blood of those that do not believe in his supremacy. Fear and obey those in authority, but slay those that are weak, of good persuasion, or false prophets. Battle against clergy of other faiths, for they are false prophets and forces who oppose the One True Way. Bring death to those that oppose Cyric’s church or make peace, order, and laws, for only Cyric is the true authority and all other authority must be subverted. Break not into open rebellion, for marching armies move the false deities into action. Fell one foe at a time and keep all folk afraid, uneasy, and in constant strife. Any method or means is justified if it brings about the desired end.


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