Contest of Wills

Dwarven Fortress Part 2

We awoke from our rest and got ready for the battle. When we exited the room, Onyx mentioned that the large enemy went to the room down the hall. So we decided to search the room he was in the night before. We walked in and i found a map on the table with what looked like battle plans, while Obsidian ran for the throne-like chair and sat down. When Onyx got into the room he examined the collars on the chains on the floor and determined they were magical, so he took them. Since there was nothing left in the room we started walking towards the far room. The dwarf walked to the door “sneakily” and when he got to the door Onyx went to the door and opened it from the ceiling. Before they were able to open the door, a giant ogre burst through the door and charged the dwarf. It was a long battle but was somewhat simple, as our group stayed to their strengths and took the group of enemies down. We found nothing of use the the room they were in, so i decided that we must’ve missed a door somewhere. SO me and the dwarf started searching and found a hidden door…

Shale loot: Minor cloak of displacement, Ring of swimming, Immovable Rod (debateable)


lndphoto LarzLarz

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