Contest of Wills

Dwarven Fortress Part 1

We made our way out of the Barbarian village and headed towards the old dwarven fortress that was inhabited by orcs and many other matter of creatures. We started our climb up to the front door of the fortress and stopped when we heard two orcs talking. Onyx used his mental mind melt to convince one of the orcs that his brethren were going to betray him, so he started fighting with us. We killed the other orc next to him and made our way to the front door, while being shot at by orc archers. Onyx disappeared, as he always does, so we fought our way into the fortress. We entered a room with a giant pit and a place where there was once a bridge. I used my crossbow to shoot at the archers across the pit, as the others used their various ranged abilities to attack as well. While we were attacking two doors opened up on our side. One had an orc in it, while the other housed my cousin Onyx. We killed all the orcs in the room and made our way across the pit with the help of our clerics’ invisible bridge. We all got across and found ourselves standing in front of a large stone door. We opened it to find out that the fortress opened up into a cavern of sorts. We explored the cavern and killed some more orcs. Onyx mentioned that there were a few orcs in various rooms, while there was also a larger creature in one room with two other non-humanoid enemies in there with him. We decided to rest in the room adjacent to regain our strength, but while we were heading in, we noticed a statue of a giant dwarf. He had eyes made out of gems, which Obsidian grabbed immediately, and a battleaxe. The dwarf took the axe with much enthusiasm. Must be a dwarf thing. We finally got into the room and realised that we needed to barricade the door somehow, so Obsidian sook out his blade and jammed the lock. We rested and gained out strength, for what was sure to be a difficult battle ahead.


lndphoto LarzLarz

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