This wiki is and will always be under construction. It is a constantly evolving creature and I doubt the work will ever be finished.

That being said, I welcome you to the Contest of Wills. This is a 3.5e Forgotten Realms-based adventure set in the 1370s DR. I am attempting to remain true to the course of FR history, but with some twists.

Campaign Summary

The land of Faerun, as always, is in turmoil both above and below the soil. The North is faced with an Orc and Giant alliance encroaching on their lands, the West combats uprising and battling cults, there are rumors of a Drow army on the march in the Underdark, and there is an internal power struggle among the leaders in the East as well as a mysterious power attempting to break free in the South.

A band of adventurers are brought together by a mysterious force and are then sent out on missions for an unknown master. Hopefully they find some reason to these seemingly random tasks and grasp the potentially insidious plot in which they are mixed before it is too late…

Contest of Wills

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